Indoor Air Technologies Inc. (IAT) is a consulting engineering firm specializing in indoor air quality, ventilation, and moisture investigations and solutions. IAT is incorporated in the United States and Canada.

IAT is a pioneer in indoor air quality investigations and problem solving since 1988, with its principal investigator in this field since 1982. IAT has conducted over 400 indoor air and HVAC systems investigations in a variety of environments including office buildings, schools, residences and aircraft.

IAT has developed technologies to address a number of indoor air quality and moisture problems for buildings, residences and aircraft.

People spend some 95 percent of their time indoors, at home, the office, in schools, shopping malls, roadway vehicles, airports and aircraft, . . . We have found school classrooms are often poorly ventilated; portable classrooms, like finished basements, humidifiers and air conditioners, can be sources of microbial growth; aircraft, like office buildings in sub-zero weather, have low humidity environments on flights of over an hour, and like school classrooms, the potential for human contagion spread; and low-level air intakes whether in downtown offices or suburban homes can be sources of combustion fume.ingestion.

Some examples of our indoor air quality investigation findings and comparison with norms and criteria are provided on this web site. The range of examples is intended to illustrate the techniques for indoor air quality problem identification and resolution. We use best available measurement tools, knowledge of what, where and when to measure, and our experience in interpreting findings and the pertinent etiology.

We serve, inter alia

  • Property owners and property managers
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Homeowners
  • Manufacturers
  • Associations

We look forward to helping you solve your indoor air quality, ventilation and moisture problems.