Representative Projects and Clients

Client Project
Canada Mortgage and Housing Assessed alternative building soil gas mitigation technologies.
Camp Hill Hospital, Halifax, NS Identified dishwasher exhaust re-ingestion by AHU causing skin, respiratory, eye irritation, headaches and dyspnea.
Clemann Large Patterson Developed ventilation and envelope leakage parameters for control of dust entry and measured system performance in the Canadian National Space Centre
Conlin, McKenney, Philbrook, Ann Arbour, MI Measured water droplet aerosolization from hot water tank leakage into furnace re a Legionnaire's Disease incident..
ENBRIDGE, Toronto Compared health effects of residential use of natural gas appliances vs other energy sources.
Guardian Insurance, Ottawa Measured VOCs diffusing into room from burning an artificial fire log in open fireplace.
Homeowner, Ottawa Identified exposure to toxic mold species: Stachybotrys atra, Penicilium brevicompactum. Eliminated problem through sealing and blower depressurization.
Homeowner, Cleveland Identified contaminated soil gas entering house via block wall cavities in foundation affecting owners so that house could not be occupied.
Minto Commercial, Ottawa Bench mark office buildings for volatile organic compounds, fungi, carbon monoxide, respirable suspended particulate, ventilation, circulation, filtration.
Ontario Hydro Studied IAQ impacts of energy conservation measures.
Ontario Public Service Employee's Union,
Jails in Hamilton, Sault Ste Marie, Whitby
Measured environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure vs ventilation system operation.
Perley Rideau Veterans' Health Center, Ottawa Measured vehicular exhaust RSP, CO, NO2, SO2 ingestion from a loading dock.
Public Works & Govt. Services Canada Bench marked VOCs, fungi, carbon monoxide, ozone, ventilation, relative humidity, temperature during Department of Justice offices consolidation project from 5 existing buildings to 2 new buildings.
Temiskaming Health Clinic, New Liskeard Identified vehicular exhaust contaminant infiltration from a warehouse through a common wall. Solved through construction of ECHO depressurized common wall.
University of Ottawa Identified laboratory fume-hood VOC exhaust re-ingestion versus building pressure balance.
Air and Waste Management Association IAQ in Cold Climates Conference,
Ottawa, 1985.
Douglas S. Walkinshaw, IAT
chairman, publication editor. 1
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality. Standard 62, 1989. Air quality within commercial aircraft,. Standard 161P , Atlanta
Douglas S. Walkinshaw , IAT
voting member.
Canadian General Standards Board Combustion venting safety standard, CAN/CGSB-51.71-95, 1995, Ottawa
Douglas S. Walkinshaw IAT
voting member.
Health Canada Exposure guidelines for residential indoor air quality, Ottawa, 1987
Douglas S. Walkinshaw , IAT
International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences The 5th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and of the Indoor Air Quality and Climate: Indoor Air '90
Douglas S. Walkinshaw, IAT
president, publications editor.
International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) Douglas S. Walkinshaw, IAT,
founder, administrator, secretary. 1992-1998
World Health Organization WHO Guidelines; SBS
(sick building syndrome) 1988
Douglas S. Walkinshaw , IAT
scientific advisor.
New Technology
Building contractors, homeowners The Enclosure Conditioned Housing System.. The ECHO System. A ventilation technology addressing basement mold, soil gas, leakage, comfort problems. Canadian and United States patents.
Commercial jetliners Ventilation systems addressing low humidity, fuselage condensation and pathogen spread concerns.
Department of National Defence Canadian DDH280 destroyer superstucture blast hardening design.
Atomic Energy of Canada Containment structure design for nuclear reactor excursion.
President: Douglas S. Walkinshaw, Ph.D., P.Eng.
  • Investigator, designer in more than 200 investigations/solutions to indoor air quality problems in schools, hospitals, houses, offices, shopping centres, prisons, gas stations, trains, buses and planes. Founder, International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ).
  • Member,
    • Ontario Home Builders' Association Technical Cttee;
    • American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (ASHRAE) Commercial Airline Indoor Air Quality Standard 161P.
  • Past member
    • ASHRAE Environmental Health Cttee (Chair),
    • ASHRAE Ventilation Standard Cttee 62-1989;
    • CGSB Combustion Venting Safety Cttee;
    • President, 5th International Conference of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (Toronto, 1990).
  • Inventor, ECHO System.
  • Past employment,
    • National Research Council, IAQ;
    • Health Canada, IAQ;
    • Public Works Canada, Technology (Director);
    • Defence Research Board, shock and blast physics.
  • University degrees:
    • Bachelor's, Master's,
    • Civil Engineering (McMaster U.),
    • Doctorate, Mechanical Engineering (U. of Alberta).